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Consent Tracking

Cookie banner with or without the preference dialog logs consents records from store visitors. From the consent log page, you can view consent transaction receipts for visitors to your store. Store visitors are identified by the unique and anonymous cookie set on their devices after expressing consent preferences. The cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information at this point.

The Consent Tracking report looks like the next figure.

Each interaction the data subject has due to banner or preference once the cookie is set on their device will be logged individually and associated with the identifier assigned to a cookie on their device.

When a user gives consent through the cookie banner or preference dialog a cookie is stored on his browser and a network call is made on the app side to store the consent information.

Performing a Receipt Search

A particular consent can be viewed by performing a Receipt Search within the Consent log page.

This allows you to search for specific receipts via a receipt GUID. The receipt GUID can be captured through the payload sent in the request as shown above.

Filtering Options

The entire Consent log page may be filtered using the filter area in the top bar of the list to slice consent records dynamically based on the criteria provided. This allows you to analyze consent in a variety of ways.

A few of the ways this may be leveraged are:

To filter by a type just click the type filter and check the desired types.
To filter by date just click on the date filter option and select from the calendar the date range you want.

Export Options

The consent log page can be exported to a CSV file for external analysis. The export of options exists on the top right of the list.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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