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Automatically collect information about cookies and scripts in use on your online store. Your store collects cookies from your visitors and loads scripts. However, while most store owners know this simple fact, very few of them can actually list the specific cookies they collect (unless they happen to be web developers, too) as long as the scripts loading. Not to fear, Pandectes comes with a store scanner to ensure effortless and accurate setup.

Note: Free merchants have access to the scan report by visiting the scan report page from the Reports menu item on the top right. Paid merchants have access to all scan reports from the same page or from the Dashboard > Reports > Scan report.

Our scanner will analyze your website for you, automatically detecting all cookies, scripts, HTML Storages, IFrames, and Pixels that your store uses. Based on those results, Pandectes then generates a unique cookie declaration about cookies, which is another very important part of the compliance puzzle. Without knowing exactly what cookies you track, it’d be impossible to ensure complete compliance with GDPR and other regulations such as CCPA/CPRA, etc.

How does the cookie and script scanner work?

The scanner simulates human beings and their behavior online in order to lure out and detect all of the cookies and scripts in hiding on a given website. The scanner cheats the trackers into thinking that a real person is scrolling on the website, and in that way baits them to come out from their hiding and show themselves.

Basically, the scanner exhausts all of the technically possible options on a store through simulated user interaction. Sort of like rustling a bush to see all the insects crawl out of their hiding.

Are scan results stored?

Yes, all scan results are stored inside the application and the last one can be used to update your final list of cookies and scripts.

Updated on: 26/05/2024

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