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About automatic blocking


Auto blocker is a new feature that is now part of the core functionality in the Pandectes GDPR Compliance application.

This article covers the most common questions regarding this new and improved approach to handling scripts and ensuring Prior Consent in your store.

Why auto-blocking is important

Auto-blocker is a very important tool to run on your store because it is the only way to completely block 3rd party cookies before they fire which is required if you want to be compliant.

How to enable auto-blocking

In order to make the app block automatically cookies, you need to navigate to Settings > Auto blocker page.

On this page, you have several available options, as you can see below. To activate the auto blocker, you need to click first on the Activate button. When the auto-blocker is active, then the selected services (preset rules) below that are active will be blocked until consent is given from the store visitors. If you deactivate the auto blocker, then the active service from the below list will not be blocked.

How to block selected services

You are able to block your popular services with just one click. You should select only the services that you already use or plan to use.

Here, you can see some of the services you can block:

Google Tag Manager (Performance - Script tags)
Google Analytics (Functionality - Script tags)
Facebook Pixel (Targeting - Script tags)
Hotjar (Functionality - Script tags)
Youtube (Functionality - IFrames)
Klaviyo (Targeting - Script tags)
Paypal (Functionality - Script tags)
Vimeo (Functionality - IFrames)
Google Pay (Strictly necessary - Script tags)
Doubleclick (Targeting - Script tags)
Pinterest (Targeting - Script tags)
Adroll (Targeting - Script tags)
Google Ads Conversion (Targeting - Script tags)
Tiktok (Targeting - Script tags)
Twitter (Targeting - Script tags)

Our application blocks right away all the services you enable until the customer provides his/her consent to all or to specific cookie categories (for example, if you select to block Youtube, the service will be blocked until the customer accepts All or at least functionality cookies).

How to block services not listed

If you want to block a service that does not exist in our Popular services list, then you can do it by adding a custom rule by yourself. To create a new custom rule, first, you should click the Custom rules link.

Now, in the Auto blocker - Custom rules page, please click the Add new button.

The form you can complete is this one

In the Add new rule popup, you should enter the following information and click Save.

Target: Specify to which element the rule applies (Script tags, Iframes, Pixels)
Name: Here, you should use a short and meaningful name for the rule.
URL/Domain: Here, you should enter the URL of the script or just the domain pattern to block all scripts under this domain.
Provider: You can select one of the existing ones from the dropdown or create a new one if you can’t find the provider you are looking for.
Category: Here, you should select the rule’s category, so the auto blocker can determine when to block or not the rule's target.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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