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Cookie declaration

The Cookie Declaration is essentially a cookie policy you can use on your store.

After the Cookie Scanner has detected all the cookies your store uses, it will take that information to create a tailored Cookie Declaration. In this Cookie Declaration (which is required under most regulations) your visitors will be able to find a list of the cookies you use along with important details about each of those cookies, like the expiration date, originating domain and purpose.

All of this information is pulled straight from the application database, so you’re not going to have to do any writing. In fact, this is all done automatically during app’s setup.

We also take things a step further, maintaining a database of the cookies detected on your store and then categorizing them, allowing us to provide details about the most frequently used cookies and other useful information.

This cookie declaration can be used on any page on your store by just installing the appropriate code snippet there. The code snippet is a piece of html code that you can copy to your clipboard and then paste it inside the content of a page of your store. Once added, you just save your page and you can put a link of this page on your menus.

What is included in the Cookie Declaration?

The Cookie Declaration contains the following elements:

Information about when the Cookie Declaration was last updated. This date is updated any time you make changes to the list of cookies.
A list of all the cookies in use on the store, categorized along with purpose descriptions and additional information. This information is automatically drawn from the latest scan report for your store and from what you manually have added or changed.

Apart from that and before the snippet you can add if you like an introduction text informing the store visitors about the use of cookies.

Can I customize the Cookie Declaration?

The Cookie Declaration will automatically adopt the styling on your store (from your store theme stylesheet). If you would like to style it further, you can use the CSS !important rule in your store theme stylesheet.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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