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Targeting Cookies

Targeting Cookies

Targeting and advertising cookies are specially designed to collect information from you on your device in order to display ads based on related topics of interest.

Advertisers place these cookies on their websites with the consent of the website operator. The information that cookies collect about you can be shared with other advertisers to measure the performance of your ads. In addition, another purpose of cookie targeting and advertising is to create user profiles of visitors to your website in order to collect statistics on the performance of your ads that can be sent on many websites.

These cookies are, in most cases, persistent third-party cookies. This means that cookies can follow you when you visit other websites. Sites that use ad cookies may not show your ads, but may target users who have ads elsewhere, even after you leave the site. Examples of targeting and advertising cookies are social media cookies that are placed on websites to track users on the Internet in order to serve ads to users on social media platforms.

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Updated on: 27/05/2024

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