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How to re-open the banner with menu link


Privacy and consent are not just regulatory requirements; they're foundational to building trust with your customers. Recognizing that visitor preferences may change over time, we've developed a feature that puts the power back in their hands, making consent management more accessible and transparent.

How it works

With this new feature, you can insert a dedicated link anywhere within your store's navigation menus. A click on this link will prompt the banner to reappear, allowing visitors to review and adjust their preferences as needed.

This functionality is designed with both compliance and convenience in mind, ensuring that your Shopify store not only adheres to data regulations but also champions user privacy and control.

Setting up the feature

Navigate to Settings > Banner and scroll down to the Re-open banner section. By checking the Allow re-open you are able to make the banner re-open if any link with url value #reopenBanner is clicked.

Now the re-open link can be added either on the default navigation menus of the online store or directly to your theme. Below you can see both ways on how to do it.

Navigate from the left menu of the store admin to Sales channels > Online Store > Navigation.

On this page where the navigation menus are listed click on the preferable menu that you want to add this link and click on Add menu.

On the right side of the page type a desired link title and then on the link field type the #reopenBanner and click after that to insert it.
Note: Don't try to copy and paste it because it may not provide you the dropdown option to insert it.

Finally click Add.

If you followed each step correctly you should have the Custom Preferences in your menu items appear like this :

If you edit your theme liquid file where you want to add the desired link you need to make it look like this one:

<a href="#reopenBanner">Cookie Preferences</a>

Looking ahead

As privacy regulations evolve and consumer expectations around data privacy grow, features like these will become increasingly important. We're committed to providing tools that not only ensure compliance but also enhance the user experience, fostering a transparent and respectful relationship between Shopify merchants and their customers.

Stay tuned for more updates and features designed to make privacy compliance seamless and user-friendly.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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