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How the app works with Shopify's Customer Privacy API


The Shopify Customer Privacy API is a browser-based, JavaScript API that you can use to register consent and query data processing permission. Our application, seamlessly integrates with the Shopify Customer Privacy API to manage customer consent effectively. This integration plays a crucial role in ensuring that your Shopify store remains compliant with data privacy regulations like GDPR. In this article, we'll delve into the specifics of how this integration operates and how it impacts your store's data handling.

When a visitor first loads your page, the Shopify Customer Privacy API, as implemented by our application, is in a state of decision pending. At this juncture, the function:


is called, revealing that the properties of the consent object are empty ''. This indicates that the user has not yet made any active decision regarding consent. As per the official Shopify Customer Privacy API documentation, the values 'yes', 'no', and '' signify active consent granted, active consent denied, and no active decision made, respectively. It's crucial to note that the operative word here is 'actively'. Therefore, initially, these values are left as ''.

As the user interacts with the consent banner on your site, their actions are recorded, changing the values from '' to either 'yes' or 'no', based on their decision. This process underscores the active participation of the user in granting or denying consent.

Advanced Data Processing Checks

To ascertain whether data processing is permissible, use the functions:


These functions return true or false based on the existing conditions and consent status.

Category Mapping

Our app categories are mapped with Shopify's categories as follows:


Combining Functions for Comprehensive Understanding

For a thorough understanding of consent and data processing status, combine the function:


with the aforementioned data processing checks. This combination allows you to:

Determine if data processing is permissible.
Know whether the user has actively made a decision or if default settings are still in place.


The integrating of our app with the Shopify Customer Privacy API offers a robust and user-friendly way to handle customer consent and data processing. This integration ensures that your Shopify store not only adheres to legal requirements but also respects the privacy choices of your customers. Stay ahead in data privacy management with Pandectes and Shopify.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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