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Integrating Pandectes GDPR Compliance with Analyzely - Google Analytics 4


Integrate Pandectes GDPR Compliance with Analyzely - Google Analytics 4 to ensure your Shopify store adheres to privacy regulations through Google Consent Mode.

Steps for Integration

Access the Pandectes GDPR Compliance app follow the Settings and then Integration. Navigate to the section for Google Consent Mode and enable the integration. Also select the second option I have already installed Google Tag Manager and/or Google Analytics.

2. Custom Data Layer Adjustment

The dataLayer is a JavaScript object used for passing information to your Tag Manager container. In this integration, you need to rename the default dataLayer to analyzelyDataLayer. This step is crucial for ensuring that the events captured by our app are correctly passed to the Analyzely app and finally to Google Services. If in the future Analyzely app uses a different object name then you will need to update this field again.

3. Setup in Analyzely App

Within the Analyzely app, ensure that it is configured to receive data. This allows the app to correctly transmit data to Google using the GTag property.

4. Testing and Validation

After configuration, test the setup to ensure that data flows correctly from your website to Google Analytics via Analyzely, respecting the consent preferences set by your users. We have an article on how you can check the default dataLayer here but you will need to edit the presented code replacing the dataLayer with analyzelyDataLayer. An alternative way to check it is with Google Tag Assistant.


Following these steps will ensure that your Shopify store's use of Analyzely for Google Analytics 4 is compliant with GDPR regulations through the Pandectes GDPR Compliance app.

For more detailed guidance, refer to our help center or contact our support team.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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