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Integrating Pandectes GDPR Compliance with Google Tag Manager on Shopify Thank You Page


Enhance your Shopify store's compliance with GDPR using the Pandectes GDPR Compliance app integrated with Google Tag Manager. This guide walks you through setting up our custom GTM template specifically for your store's Thank You page.

This functionality is accessible to those subscribed to our Premium and Enterprise plans. You can explore these options here.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Import Pandectes template in the GTM

Navigate to 'Templates' in your GTM workspace. Search for 'Pandectes' in the Tag Templates gallery and add the Pandectes CMP (Consent Mode) template to your workspace.

2. Create a Tag with Pandectes Template

In the Tags section, create a new tag. Select the Pandectes CMP (Consent Mode) template from the Custom Tag type list. Finally set the default consent status considering your legal requirements.

3. Setting Up a Trigger for the Thank You Page

In the Tag's configuration, go to the Triggering section. Add a new trigger, selecting Consent Initialization. Finally configure the trigger to activate on pages with thank_you in the URL.

4. Publish Your Changes in GTM

After setting up the tag and trigger, submit your changes to update your GTM configuration.


This setup ensures that your Shopify store utilizes Google Consent Mode effectively, especially on crucial pages like the Thank You page. For further assistance, visit our help center or contact support.

Always consult your legal team for compliance-related decisions, as Pandectes does not provide legal advice. For more information, visit our full article here.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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