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My banner is not showing up: Troubleshooting


On this guide we will show what steps you can follow then your banner is not showing up.

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1. Enable "Pandectes Core" as app embed

There are some cases, like changing themes, when the app embed gets disabled, and has to be re-enabled.
Navigate to Online Store > Themes > Customise.
Under the app embeds section, make sure the Pandectes Core app embed is active.

Finding the app embeds

Enabling the Pandectes Core app embed

If the banner is still not appearing, then check the next section.

2. Injecting the Pandectes Script to your theme.

Navigate to the Pandectes Dashboard > Help > Online Store 2.0. Enable the radio button. This will load the Pandectes script in the default way.

Note, that you should not have the script injected, as well as the app embed enabled at the same time. When enabling one, disable the other.

Navigating to Online Store 2.0 settings

Enabling the Script injection

If you tried both of these steps, and a banner is still not showing up, check step 3:

3. Check geolocation settings

The banner could be disabled for your region. Go to Settings > Geolocation and make sure you have the banner enabled for the regions that you need.

4. Make sure Admin mode is disabled.

For Premium & Enterprise plans, the admin mode feature shows the banner only to the admin. If you have it enabled, your visitors will not see the banner.

Navigate to Settings > Banner and disable admin mode.

Disabling admin mode

5. Turn off any adBlockers.

Some adBlockers offer functionality for blocking cookie consent banners. Make sure you are not using an adBlocker on your device.

If you still do not see the banner, contact the Support team, and we will help you

Updated on: 22/06/2024

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