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The banner or the application, in general, is not working, what can I do?

These are common mistakes that anyone can make, but it’s very easy to be fixed.

Check #1 - Banner Status

Check that the “Cookie Banner” is enabled from the dashboard page of the app. If not, please enable it.

Check #2 - App Installation

Check that the app is installed properly.

a) If you chose the default method (script tag), then visit the option from the menu Help > Online Store 2.0 and make sure the switch is ON.

b) If you chose to install the app as an app embed, then navigate to your Online Store > Themes. Then click on Customize, and inside the theme editor, click on the left side where it has the App embeds icon.

In some cases Safari works better with this method and not well with the previous one (script tag)

In the list of App embeds find our Pandectes Core and switch it ON.

Also, in the previous screen, make sure you have the option in the Help > Online Store 2.0 OFF.

Check #3 - Geolocation Settings

Check on the app Settings > Geolocation page if you have selected to be visible only to a specific region. This is done in the geolocation settings of the application. If any option there is checked (except for Global visibility), then you need to be part of the checked region in order to see the banner. If you are outside this region, you either have to make it visible to all customers by checking the Global visibility checkbox or visit the store with the use of any VPN tool/service that will give you an appropriate IP address.

For the “Cookie Banner”, check if you have already consented, and that’s why the banner is not visible to you. If you want to see the banner again, you have the following options:

Clear the cookies from your browser or
Use another browser or
Use another device or
Use the revoke consent link on the page you added the DSR widget to request consent again

Check #5 - Reopen button

If you have already clicked on the banner means that the banner is not visible anymore because you have provided your choice about the policy. Another way to make the banner visible again is with the reopen button. Navigate to Settings > Banner > Behavior tab and check the Show re-open button checkbox.

With this option checked, you will be able to see it as an icon or text button inside your store in the cases where you have already clicked on the banner.

Check #6 - Conflict with other similar apps

If you have installed another similar app, then the other app can create conflicts with our app. For instance, if the other app deletes cookies - then it may remove our content cookie, and you may see the banner opening again and again even after you give consent. The best way to make it work properly is to have the other apps disabled.

Check #7 - Browser settings or Browser plugin

There are cases such as in Safari where you may have selected to block all cookies. In safari this option is under Settings > Privacy > Cookies & website data (Block all cookies).
There are also browser plugins that block all cookies.
In both cases our banner cookie cannot be initialised.

Check #8 - Support

If you have checked all the previous ones and still have problems, please use one of the following contact options:

Send us a message inside the app by selecting Help > Contact us
Send us a direct email to [email protected]
Chat with us on the chat - click on the chat icon on the bottom right

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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