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How to maximize your consent rate

Essential parts of a consent notice:

Introduction message

Banner look and feel

Banner position

Introduction message

The message must have clear and reassuring content. When the header title is available (depending on the banner position) it can include a title with bold text.

For example, you should state something like:

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Banner look and feel

The banner should follow the store theme and colors but at the same time should be easily readable without bright colors or smooth font colors.

Buttons should have a color difference that the banner color in order to be clear that is related to the consent action.

Banner position

Interstitial banners increase the consent rate while bars on top or bottom have smaller consent rates. In other words, a banner in the middle of the store page is visible to all visitors so you can achieve more than 98% of the consent rate. Bars on top or bottom have an average of 60% - 75% consent rate.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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