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Pandectes Custom Event

By enabling the custom consent event, you can take advantage of the consent information.

The event is pushed in the dataLayer property which can be modified to any desired name.

Some detailed information about this event are listed below.

Event name: Pandectes_Consent_Update

Categories mapping:

C0000: Strictly necessary
C0001: Functionality
C0002: Performance
C0003: Targeting

Allowed values:

event_status: allow, deny, mixed, revoke
category_status: allow, deny

A sample code of this event is the following:

{ "event": "Pandectes_Consent_Update", "pandectes_status": "", "pandectes_categories": { "C0000": "allow", "C0001": "", "C0002": "", "C0003": "", } }

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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