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How to improve drop in statistics in Shopify or 3rd party Analytics


You might be in the following situation: Previously, your Shopify or 3rd party analytics (Google Analytics, Clarity and others) were normal. But after installing the Pandectes GDPR compliance app, you noticed a drop in your stats.

This is an absolutely normal phenomenon, since you can ONLY track visitors that provide consent. If they decline cookies, they will not show up on your reports.

So, there is a direct correlation between your acceptance rate and the accuracy of your analytics.

If, for example you are getting a 50% acceptance rate, you can essentially only track AT MOST 50% of your visitors. (You can see your current acceptance rate on the pandectes dashboard).

There are some ways described next to improve it and get as much analytics as possible and be compliant at the same time.

Improve Analytics on your Shopify Store

Preferences banner

A preferences banner has many advantages over any other strict banner types, since it is more detailed, and gives the user options on how they would like to tailor their consent.

Also, it allows changing the order and visibility of the buttons, while still being GDPR compliant.

Navigate to Settings > Banner > Behavior tab, select the Preferences banner type, and under it, select the following options:

Popup or Overlay position

Another reason you are getting a low acceptance rate is the fact that not all users interact with the banner.
To improve this, select either the popup, or the overlay position for the banner.

The popup position shows the banner in the middle of the screen. The Overlay adds an overlay to that, and blocks all user interactions with the store, like scrolling and clicking.

Overlay and Popup positions

This can be done in the Settings > Banner > Style tab, by changing the position field

Remove the 'X' button.

Removing the 'X' button is the small detail that makes a Huge difference in acceptance rate. It basically acts as a decline button for your banner, and a large percentage of users click on it subconsciously.

To remove it, navigate to Settings > Banner > Behaviour tab. Scroll down to the Secondary Buttons section, and uncheck the "X (Close)" Checkmark.

These 3 settings should increase your acceptance rate to upwards of 95%.

What if you already have a high acceptance rate, but still get low analytics?

In this case, the problem lies somewhere else, not in consent. You need to make sure that your Shopify Customer Privacy settings are setup correctly.
To see how to set them up correctly, read this article: Select regions for our cookie banner

In the rare case that the problem still persists, contact our support team to look into the issue further.

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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