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How does the banner work and in which way does it affect your store?

Once you install the application a code script is loaded on your store. This script loads either through the Script tags API or through the App extensions. This selection depends on the way you have selected the initial screen of the app.

This JavaScript file will NOT modify the theme (look & feel) or any theme file or any content of your storefront pages at all. It will only make available the banner based on the settings that you have configured through this application’s Page.

All visitors of your store will see the banner when they access your store’s pages. The JavaScript code will keep loading as long as the banner is enabled. Whenever you disable the banner or if you uninstall this application, the code will automatically be removed and the banner will stop loading.

Script tag API

If this installation method is selected then the app loads on the store regardless of the theme that is being used and even if you decide to switch your theme, then the application will still work on the new theme without any changes needed.

App extension

If this installation method is selected then the app loads as an app embed and this is configured from your Theme Settings page. This means that if you switch store theme, you will need to visit the new theme settings page to enable again this app extension.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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