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My theme has an option for GDPR banner, am I covered?

Many Shopify themes provide options to show a banner about GDPR that give the ability to your visitors to click on a button to accept your policy.

Although this seems to be a convenient solution, in fact is not a compliant solution for your store because this is just a visual banner and it not dealing with your store's tracking technologies.

GDPR requires a lot more than a banner that visually informed your visitors for your privacy and cookie policy.

In order to be compliant with GDPR you need to cover the following requirements:

Provide a banner about the use of cookies and other tracking technologies and request for consent by the visitor.
Ideally your banner should give to your visitors detailed consent options.
Your banner depending the user's consent preferences should allow or decline cookies and other tracking technologies in the future visits of this visitor.
Your banner needs to be integrated with Shopify's Customer Privacy API.
Provide a cookie policy page with a detailed and up to date list of tracking technologies of your store.
You need to collect the consents from your visitors and be able to find a specific consent in case of an audit.
You need to be able to handle data subject requests from your customers.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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